Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Count Dracula is the owner of a hotel called Hotel Transylvania where the world’s monsters can take a rest. He invites them to celebrate the 118th birthday of Mavis, his daughter.

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When the human-free hotel is accidentally visited by a 21-year-old named Jonathan, he must protect Mavis from falling in love with him.

Hotel Transylvania Trailer & Clips

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YouTube video

Movie Details

  • Release Date: September 28, 2012
  • Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
  • Run Time: 1h 31min
  • Writers: Peter Baynham, Robert Smigel, Todd Durham, Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman

Hotel Transylvania Cast and Characters

  • Adam Sandler – Dracula
  • Andy Samberg – Jonathan
  • Selena Gomez – Mavis
  • Kevin James – Frankenstein
  • Fran Drescher – Eunice
  • Steve Buscemi – Wayne
  • Molly Shannon – Wanda
  • David Spade – Griffin
  • CeeLo Green – Murray
  • Jon Lovitz – Quasimodo
  • Brian George – Suit of Armor
  • Luenell – Shrunken Heads
  • Brian Stack – Pilot
  • Chris Parnell – Fly
  • Jackie Sandler – Martha
  • Sadie Sandler – Winnie, Young Mavis
  • Robert Smigel – Fake Dracula, Marty
  • Rob Riggle – Skeleton Husband
  • Paul Brittain – Zombie, Hydra
  • Jonny Solomon – Gremlin Man, Hydra
  • Jim Wise – Shrunken Head, Hydra
  • Craig Kellman – Guy in Crows, Hydra
  • Brain McCann – Hairy Monster, Hydra
  • James C.J. Williams – Foreman

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Hotel Transylvania Quotes

What is this place? It’s a place I built, for all those monsters out there lurking in the shadows. Hiding from the persecution of human kind. A for them and their families to come to and be themselves. A void of torches, pitchforks, angry mobs. A place of peace, relaxation, and tranquility..”
“Yeah, well, I was afraid your dad was gonna suck all the blood out of my body if I didn’t say that.”
“I know I lied. I was wrong. But you have to believe this: Johnny wasn’t a bad guy. The truth is, I don’t know if humans are bad anymore. Frank, come on, buddy. You understand.”

Hotel Transylvania Games & Apps

Hotel Transylvania Blast Game on iphone and android

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Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania–where ghouls gather, fiends frolic and Monsters stay a while!

Pack your bags for an addicting puzzle getaway to the most spooktacular resort hotel around! Team up with Drac, Mavis, Blobby, Murray, Frank, and many more to blast through challenging levels and complete Quests as the newest Hotel Manager!

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Hotel Transylvania Blast Game screen shots on iphone

Hotel Transylvania Plot Summary

A lonely count, Dracula, lives alone with his only daughter Mavis in their peaceful castle. Raising his daughter alone after losing his wife to a fire set by human mobs in 1895, he developed a new project exclusive for monsters only called Hotel Transylvania.

The hotel is purposed to give leisure only to monsters and similar creatures, creating a safe space and environment away from the dangers of humans.

This strategy is also to protect and prevent his daughter from getting introduced to the world of humans. Thus, he believes that Mavis will never encounter any human through this hotel, which will guarantee her security.

Hotel Transylvania Dracula being saluted by a Knight in shining armor

As Mavis turned 118 years, Dracula threw a party at the Hotel Transylvania and called for a grand celebration inviting close friends and monsters including Wayne and Wanda Werewolf, Frankenstein and wife Eunice, Griffin the Invisible Man, and Murray the Mummy.

For her 118th birthday, Mavis remembered that she wanted to explore what lies beyond the castle, the human world. Dracula seemed to start worrying about how he could discourage Mavis.

He planned a trip to Hawaii for Mavis to experience interacting with humans. With his plans, Dracula sets up zombie bellhops and disguises them as humans to scare Mavis and convince her to walk away from the human world forever.

Hotel Transylvania Mavis looking at the audience through a window

Somehow, the plan worked, but it accidentally brought a human back to Hotel Transylvania upon Mavis’ return. The troops of the fake monsters unintentionally led Jonathan “Johnny” into the world of real monsters inside the castle.

In the middle of the ongoing celebration, Dracula realizes that Johnny is a human. If the monster guests knew about Johnny, he knew that there would be a great panic, so he disguised Johnny as a younger and hipper version of Frankenstein.

Dracula made Johnny perform magic tricks and called him Johnnystein. Upon learning that he is in the middle of a crowd of monsters inside the hotel, Johnny encounters Mavis.

Hotel Transylvania Monsters exercising in the pool

Mavis is attracted to Johnny the first time she sees him in his entertaining dance moves. Johnny also likes Mavis, and they both feel something special.

Mavis tells Dracula that she thinks Johnny is the one for her. In this event, Dracula got frustrated with his daughter’s attraction to the fake monster and planned to get Johnny out of the hotel. He told Mavis that Johnny is only a temporary guest who plans the party and that Johnny has to leave.

Another dilemma for Dracula is getting rid of Johnny since all of his guest monsters are already fond of him. Despite this, Johnny is still ordered to leave the hotel by Dracula, but Mavis tries to bring him back.

Hotel Transylvania Skeleton mariachi band

With Mavis’ rebellion, he spent alone time together with Johnny on the castle’s roof, excluding herself from her party. Johnny showed Mavis the sunrise view as seen on top of the castle where they stand.

Mavis realizes that it is time to give humans another chance and build a peaceful relationship with them with their beauty.

With Johnny’s return, Quasimodo, the hotel chef, learns that Johnny is human. He tries to kill Johnny by cooking him and serving the meal to the guests.

Hotel Transylvania Mavis as a Bat flying away from Hotel Transylvania with the tip of her wing touching the water

Dracula saves Johnny and freezes Quasimodo to stop him from his actions of showing every one of Johnny’s truths. Dracula hides the scared Johnny in his room and explains the happenings of his wife’s death.

Dracula shows the portrait of Martha, and Johnny understands the reasons behind Dracula building the hotel to keep the monsters away from the crowd of dangerous humans.

Johnny also realizes why Dracula had to be so protective of Mavis from the humans. Dracula insists that he can stay until the end of Mavis’ birthday celebration to avoid ruining Mavis’ party. Johnny decides to leave the hotel and never return anyway.

Hotel Transylvania Jonathan and Mavis flirting

On the last night of the party, Mavis expresses that she wants to open a gift from her mother Martha. Johnny and Mavis have their first kiss during the party, which Dracula sees.

Dracula has strong adverse reactions and reveals that he deceived Mavis of that fake human town that scared her. A moment later, Quasimodo arrives with Mr. Fly and tells everyone that Johnny is a human disguised by Dracula as a monster.

All of the guests at the hotel panic and get disappointed by the news. The monsters throw their wrath at Dracula for the deception. During this event, Mavis reiterates that she wants to stay with Johnny regardless of what she just discovered.

Hotel Transylvania Dracula, Mavis, and a blue Jonathan with a Knight's helmet

On the other hand, Johnny does not seem to exchange with Mavis the same affection and gives respect to Dracula by leaving Hotel Transylvania.

With a broken heart, Mavis goes alone to the hotel’s roof with her mother’s gift. Dracula follows Mavis and learns that the present contains the book of Dracula and Martha’s love story.

Through this experience, Dracula realizes that humans’ true tolerance of monsters could have changed over time. Dracula apologizes to the leaving guests of the hotel about the human intrusion incident.

Hotel Transylvania Dracula with Mavis and Jonathan staring at each other

Dracula immediately finds Johnny and goes to the human world. He asks Frankenstein, Wane, Griffin, and Murray to accompany him outside the castle’s premises.

Winnie, Wayne’s daughter, uses her scent-tracking powers to track Johnny. They detected Johnny on an airplane going back to the United States.

Dracula and his companion encounter several blockages heading to the airport as they get held up in a town celebrating a Monster Festival.

Hotel Transylvania Dracula catches Mavis leaving out the window with her luggage

Dracula sees how humans celebrate monsters and adore them. He sees men dressed as Dracula and sheltered him from the sun as he passes by. People help Dracula fly to the airport and chase Johnny’s plane in his bat form while burning from sun exposure.

He successfully gets Johnny’s attention and uses his mind-controlling ability on the pilot to help him apologize to Johnny.

Dracula then manipulates the pilot to land the plane at the Transylvanian airport and tells Johnny that he set Mavis free, and she can make her own decisions. Johnny accepts Dracula’s apology and goes back to Hotel Transylvania.

Hotel Transylvania Dracula and Mavis holding hands and looking eye to eye

Upon their return to Hotel Transylvania, Dracula announces that he approves of Johnny for Mavis. Johnny apologizes to Mavis for leaving and confesses his feelings to Mavis.

Johnny and Mavis share a kiss, and the monsters have also agreed and end the party with a big celebration.

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