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Jellyfish Jam SpongeBob SquarePants (Episode 7b)

Jellyfish Jam SpongeBob Episode 7b Title Card

In an episode of SpongeBob called Jellyfish Jam, the scene starts with SpongeBob in Jellyfish Fields, performing his favorite pastime activity of jelly fishing. 

After a few failed attempts catching the wild jellyfish, SpongeBob finally manages to catch the elusive jellyfish in his net.

Now he grabs his bread and gently extracts the jellyfish jam from the jellyfish for his sandwich, then proceeds to release the jellyfish and start his journey back home. 

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The jellyfish, on the other hand, want to continue their game of cat and mouse. A little annoyed, SpongeBob tells the jellyfish bye, but to no avail, he decides to bring the little guy home with him, and that is where the problem starts.

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After 12 hours of dancing and jamming with the jellyfish, SpongeBob is exhausted and ready for some sleep. But, failing in his attempts to keep SpongeBob up partying with him, the lonely jelly invites the entire population of jellyfish from Jelly Fish Field to the party that SpongeBob was unknowingly throwing in his house.

Morning comes, and SpongeBob awakens, getting out of bed and telling his faithful pet snail Gary, “good morning.” Then, walking downstairs as he does every day, SpongeBob finds jelly everywhere. 

Suddenly he is encased in it, tumbling the rest of the way down to the bottom step, where he sees the lone jellyfish he brought home with him the night before, along with an enormous entourage of jellyfish he has ever seen in his life. 

SpongeBob making a jellyfish sandwich

The phone rings, and as usual, it is Squidward, angry and annoyed by the loud noise coming from the jellyfish rave going on inside SpongeBob’s pineapple. He yells for SpongeBob to quiet them down so he can practice his beloved clarinet.

Squidward tries to play, and the sound quickly travels to grab the attention of the jellyfish, who are not at all happy about the awful sound. 

Forming an angry mob of jellies, they swarm together as one toward the sound and right to an unsuspecting Squidward, where they take turns repeatedly stinging him all over his body. 

Jellyfish Jam SpongeBob and dancing jellyfish in his house

Then as quickly as they had gotten there, they were gone, retreating to SpongeBob’s house where their favorite jam was still playing.

Knowing he had to do something to get them out of his house SpongeBob grabs the boombox and starts outside. He is quickly yanked back into the house with the radio still in his grasp, and a tug of war starts between the jellyfish and himself. 

SpongeBob loses his grip, and the radio hits the ground. It breaks instantly, and he realizes what a terrible mistake is and how furious the jellyfish are now that their dance music has stopped. 

Jellyfish Jam song and dance with SpongeBob directing

SpongeBob grabs Gary and dashes up the stairs to the roof with the angry jellyfish right on his heels. 

Fearing that this is the end, he tells Gary goodbye and apologizes for getting them into this mess. Right before they are fixing to attack, quick thinking Gary starts rhythmically clicking his eyeballs together in a tick, tick, tick, tick, tick beat that seems to soothe and mesmerize the once annoyed jellyfish. 

Placing Gary on his head SpongeBob tries to work his way down the stairs and out the front door toward Jelly Fish Fields with the trance-like jellyfish. 

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Before reaching their destination, more beats and rhythms in the form of bubbles popping, dolphins vocalizing, anchor chains rattling, and clams singing the melody are added.

With the jellyfish jam back where they belong and SpongeBob safely back at home, the narrator goes on to say that SpongeBob has learned one of the harshest lessons under the sea, Wild animals can throw very wild parties.

The last thing you see is Squidward tending to the many stings given to him by the jellyfish.

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