Top 5 SpongeBob Spatulas

SpongeBob is the most dedicated fry cook in Bikini Bottom, and his love for spatulas is exceptional. Which SpongeBob spatula is your favorite?

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The different spatulas featured in the series only add delight to the adventures of this joyful sea sponge who resides in a pineapple under the sea.

Let’s look at the most iconic moments in the series that feature SpongeBob and his spatulas. Below is a list of the top 5 SpongeBob spatula names.

SpongeBob’s Lineup of Spatulas

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The Hydro-Dynamic Spatula

The Hydro is a spatula with multiple heads, a port, a starboard attachment, flashing LED lights, and a turbo drive. It was featured in the Season 1 episode “Help Wanted” and the Season 9 episode “Sharks vs. Pods.”

Spongebob's Hydrodynamic Spatula

It can propel SpongeBob upward, and given its multiple heads, it allows him to cook more patties way quicker. The Hydro-Dynamic Spatula is the first-ever spatula featured in the entire show.

The Golden Spatula

It is a spatula made out of gold and a metalized handle. The shining spatula was featured in the episodes “Plankton!” and “Neptune’s Spatula,” both in Season 1.

In its first appearance, the spatula served as a birthday present to SpongeBob. Plankton gave it to him and even had his name engraved, making it all the more special.

SpongeBob's Golden Spatula

Fortunately, SpongeBob realized that Plankton was using the spatula to deceive him into giving out the formula.

In its second appearance, the golden spatula was featured to depict the Arthurian Excalibur. According to legend, the spatula belonged to King Neptune, and only the worthy fry cook can pull it out from the dried grease.

SpongeBob appeared to be the worthy fry cook as it was only him who was successful in pulling out the golden spatula.

Le Spatula

It is a robotic but fully conscious spatula manufactured especially for high-end restaurants.

The spatula was featured in the Season 4 episode “All That Glitters.” SpongeBob bought it as he needed a new one since his current spatula was hospitalized in the Bikini Bottom Hospital.

Spongebob's Le Spatula

It was so expensive that he had to use all his money and clothes to buy it. The fancy spatula turned out to be useless in the end as it refuses to cook the patties because it will only cook fancy food.

The Majestic Sizzlemaster

It is a talking spatula featured in the Season 9 episode, “Evil Spatula.” In this episode, SpongeBob went rushing to Harvey’s Spatula Emporium to replace his snapped spatula.

Spongebob's Majestic Sizzlemaster Spatula

On his way, he met Plankton, who offered him a special spatula with magical grilling powers named, The Majestic Sizzlemaster. Too excited to realize that it is yet another Plankton’s scheme to get the Krabby Patty formula, SpongeBob accepted the spatula and started using it.

Luckily, Mr. Krabs quickly discovered Plankton’s plan and countered it by revealing the ingredients for the sham formula. Plankton then started cooking using the ingredients, causing his restaurant to explode.

Spat or Fifi

The most recurring spatula in the entire series made its debut in the episode “Plankton!” in Season 1.

Spongebob's Spat Spatula

The Spat is a silver spatula with three holes in its blade and a black handle. Although Spat is only but an ordinary spatula, his friendship with SpongeBob is exceptional.

Spat even saved SpongeBob’s life when a wicked pirate attacked him.

SpongeBob Spatula Meme

SpongeBob Spatula Meme

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