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Pikachu’s Vacation PK01 Short Film

Pikachu’s Vacation adventure begins as Pikachu, and his friends embark on an action-packed holiday on a beautiful summer island. It features a theme park where pokémons can have fun together and enjoy a relaxing day.

Ash and his pokémon trainer friends allowed their Pokémons to enjoy while they have fun on their own in the amusement park. Pokémon Island is the ultimate vacation resort perfect for relieving stress for both the trainers and their pokémons.

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In this beautiful pokémon resort, the ever adorable Pikachu finds it hard to relax and enjoy as he has to take care of Togepi. Togepi is a light yellow baby Pokémon with a rounded body still wrapped in its eggshell.

Togepi is quite challenging to babysit, and it even caused an altercation between Pikachu’s friends and the other Pokémons.

Pikachu and Togepi are not interested in any competition and Pikachu even urged the other Pokémons to serve as an excellent example for the baby. He remained calm until Raichu ignited a lightning bolt that electrocuted him and Togepi.

Pikachu's vacation Pokemon standing around

The spark scared the baby Pokémon and provoked Pikachu’s anger. The two Pokémons then battled it out cheek to cheek, which disturbed the sleeping Meowth, Arbok, and Weezing.

The dispute between the two electric-type Pokémons turned into a series of contests between Pikachu’s group and the ruffian Pokémons.

It was an intense competition that only halted when Charizard’s head got stuck in a pipe. It was an emotional moment. The hard-hit led to the first-ever scene that showed a draconic Pokémon crying.

Pikachu's vacation Togepi crying

The special Pikachu’s summer vacation episode introduced new characters like Snubbull and the now-famous Marill.

Snubbull is a pink Pokémon that resembles a bulldog in polka dot color.
Marill is a rounded tiny blue Pokémon with a white belly and very short arms and feet.

Both Pokémons belonged to Raichu’s group, but they all joined together with Pikachu and his friends to help Charizard. The fight ended as they all resolved to save the distressed Pokémon.

Pikachu's vacation Raichu

Pokemon Pikachu’s Vacation is filled with astonishing cinematic details perfectly paced to amuse the viewers even in the most disruptive characters.

As the short film comes closer to its end, the Pokémons, including the bullies, help free Charizard.

Even the self-absorbed Cubone helped, but they were all flown out as Charizard soared into the air.

Charizard accidentally carried Psyduck on the flight. The bomb that Meowth brought up to stop the commotion exploded on him and Charizard as the dragon landed on him just in time.

Finally, the divided Pokémon united to rebuild the climbing structure that they destroyed while they were quarreling and had incredible fun in the process.

As the day ends, the trainers called on their Pokémons for it’s time to go home. Pikachu then leaped and hugged Ash after shaking Snubbull’s hand.

Although the vacation had some skirmishes, it concluded with friendship and understanding between the different Pokémon. In the end, they all left with happy memories of their strengthened friendships.

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How long is Pikachu’s Vacation?

45-minute running time.

Who is Pikachu’s partner?

Pikachu’s human partner and trainer is Ash.

What is Pikachu’s full name?

Jean Luc Pikachu was given to him by Ash and later dropped and shortened to Pikachu.

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