Shrek the Third (2007)

When King Harold gets sick, Shrek is looked at as the heir to the land of Far, Far Away. Not one to give up his beloved swamp, Shrek recruits his friends Donkey and Puss in Boots to install the rebellious Artie as the new king.

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Shrek the Third Movie Details

  • Release Date: May 18, 2007
  • Run Time: 1hr 33min
  • Director: Chris Miller, Raman Hul
  • Writers: Chris Miller, Jeffrey Price, Peter S. Seaman, Aron Warner, Andrew Adamson, William Steig

Shrek the Third Cast and Characters

  • Mike Myers – Shrek
  • Eddie Murphy – Donkey
  • Cameron Diaz – Princess Fiona
  • Antonio Banderas – Puss in Boots
  • Julie Andrews – Queen
  • John Cleese – King
  • Rupert Everett – Prince Charming
  • Eric Idle – Merlin
  • Justin Timberlake – Artie
  • Susanne Blakeslee – Evil Queen
  • Cody Cameron – Pinocchio, Three Pigs
  • Larry King – Doris
  • Christopher Knights – Blind Mice, Heckler, Evil Tree 2, Guard 2
  • John Krasinski – Lancelot
  • Ian McShane – Captain Hook

Shrek the Third Quotes

What in the shestershire is this place?
Well, my stomach’s aching, and my palms just got sweaty. Must be a high school.
Donkey and Shrek
Fiona, try to be reasonable. Have you seen a baby lately? All they do is eat and poop, and then cry, and they cry when they poop and poop when they cry. Now imagine an ogre baby. They extra cry, and they extra poop.

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Shrek the Third Plot Summary (Spoilers)

Shrek the Third is a computer-animated comedy movie whose story is derived from a 1990 picture book composed by William Steig.

Chris Miller is the movie director while Raman Hui is the co-director. Shrek the Third is the third episode in the Shrek movie series.

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Some of the film’s characters include Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Diaz Cameron, and Rupert Everett.

The story is about Prince Charming’s conspiracy to take over the throne from Shrek and Princess Fiona, who had inherited powers from King Harold upon his death.

Shrek is convinced that an old ogre doesn’t qualify to rule as a king, and he isn’t ready to be the kingdom’s ruler, plots a scheme to sway Artie, Fiona’s underage cousin, to resign from power.

Shrek the Third Donkey, Puss in Boots, Shrek, Artie, and Merlin

Shrek the Third has been shown at Westwood, Los Angeles, and at Mann Village Theatre and was released on 18th May 2007 in the United States.

Its popularity made it to be one of the top four-grossing films in 2007. Besides, it received a nomination for the 61st British Academy Awards as the Top Animated Film.

Here is the Shrek the Third Movie Plot

King Harold is unwell on his death bed, waiting for the last moments, and this gives both Princess Fiona and Shrek a chance to succeed the dying king.

Shrek the Third Donkey, Puss in Boots, Shrek, and Fiona in bed

Shrek’s endeavors to replace King Harold’s rule while the king is on medical leave cause more trouble to Shrek than he could have imagined.

However, Shrek continues to hold that an ogre should never be the king but instead be replaced by someone else. King Harold goes on to suggest his nephew, Arthur as his heir before he dies.

On learning that, Prince Charming swears to seize power and become the king of a Far Land and use his powers as a king to revenge his mother’s death, the godmother.

Shrek the Third Shrek and Artie steering a ship

Charming succeeds in meeting Poison Apple Tavern, which helps persuade the tale villains to secure their happy afterlife by contesting. Donkey, Shrek, and Booted Puss are ready to reclaim Artie.

While sailing away, Fiona gets the courage to disclose her pregnancy to Shrek, who is terrified that he doesn’t believe in his abilities to raise kids.

The three go directly to an elite magical school, Worcestershire Academy, and on arrival, they realize that Artie, at 16 years still performs below standard in studies.

Shrek the Third Donkey, Puss in Boots, and Artie on a ship

While at school, Shrek reviews to Artie that he is the chosen King to rule the Far Far Away kingdom. Artie is overexcited about being a king at his age until he learns what is expected of him as a king, i.e., the duties and responsibilities of a king, according to Puss and Donkey.

He loses his confidence, and he attempts to capture a ship that would take him back to Worcestershire. While fighting with Shrek, the ship smashes on an isolated island, and fortunately, he meets Merlin, an old wizard teacher.

With support from villains, Charming attacks the castle, but fortunately, the castle security, including Gingy, Pinocchio, and Wolfie, fights back and stalls the invaders away for a safe journey, thus allowing Queen Lillian, Fiona’s mother, Fiona herself, among other castle residents to run away.

Shrek the Third Donkey and Puss in Boots

Unfortunately, a very talkative Pig informs Prince Charming about Shrek’s plans to retrieve Arthur. This disappoints Charming, who sends Captain Hook and pirates to back up his efforts to capture Shrek.

Rapunzel, who is in love with Prince Charming, betrays her friends who are finally seized in a tower. Eventually, Captain Hook succeeds in catching up with Shrek, who has not yet left Merlin Island.

Shrek dodges Captain Hook’s seizure, and meanwhile, Hook reveals to Shrek the Charming scheme to take over the Land of Far Far Away.

Shrek the Third Shrek, Puss in Boots, Artie, and Donkey

In response, Shrek persuades Artie to consider returning to Worcestershire. Artie robs Merlin with his magic that would enable them to get into the Far Far Away land.

However, these spells cause both the Donkey and Puss to swap their bodies by accident. Once they meet Pinocchio, they learn about Prince Charming’s scheme to murder Shrek in his bid to capture the kingdom.

Charming soldiers arrive on the site, where Artie uses his magic to trick all knights, which helps them dodge capture. While in the castle rehearsing a play, the four are finally captured.


Charming is now ready to murder Artie since this would enable him to retain the crown, but Shrek decides to disclose to Charming that Artie was a mere pawn to save his life.

Charming, being gullible, is convinced to believe Shrek and gives Artie a chance to escape. However, Fiona, ladies, Puss, and Donkey are all imprisoned.

This frustrates Fiona, particularly because they all have no escape plan. Fortunately, Queen Lillian blows a hole in the top of the prison stone wall.

Meanwhile, princesses conceive an idea for freeing their imprisoned friends, including Donkey, and Shrek Puss. The Donkey and Puss get a chance to explain to Artie that Shrek saved him by lying to Charming.

The kingdom is under Charming threat, which has already staged musicals in the kingdom. While Charming is almost succeeding in killing Shrek, fortunately, Puss, Fiona, and Donkey, led by princesses with the support of fairy tale animals, stage an attack against the villains.

Unfortunately, they’re overwhelmed, so they lose. The result is the henchmen capturing pigs; knights hold Gingy hostage while guards surround Dragon.

Fiona is captured and tied up. Archie, a clever boy, gathers the courage to address the villains and promises them acceptance in society since this would bring an end to them being perceived as outcasts.

Villains accept to surrender their evil spells but on the contrary, Charming declines but instead points Archie with his golden sword. Shrek succeeds at blocking the sword from hurting Archie holding the sword in between his hands.

He appears to be hurt, but fortunately, the sword doesn’t affect him. Charming believes he has succeeded in winning the kingdom, so he names himself the new King.

Fortunately, Shrek manages to push aside Charming, and Dragon successfully drops a tower down, hitting Charming.

Artie receives the king’s crown, thus becoming the new King of the kingdom. Meanwhile, Merlin manages to reverse the Donkey and Puss’s body swap.

Shrek and Fiona are now the parents of triplet ogres in their swamp. They live happily, raising their triplets with Dragon, Puss, and Donkey’s help.

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