Trolls Songs

Trolls songs and lyrics

Trolls songs give you a happy start to your day and make you want to smile and dance. The Trolls soundtrack has many memorable songs such as Hair Up & Can’t Stop the Feeling!

Below is a list of all the songs from Trolls and links to the Trolls lyrics for each song. Enjoy singing along will all your favorite songs from the film.

  • Hair Up
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling!
  • Move Your Feet / D.A.N.C.E. / It’s a Sunshine Day
  • Get Back Up Again
  • The Sound of Silence
  • Hello
  • I’m Coming Out / Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems
  • They Don’t Know
  • True Colors
  • Can’t Stop The Feeling! (Film Version)
  • September
  • What U Workin’ With?

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