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Cinderella Phenomenon Visual Novel Game

Cinderella Phenomenon

Cinderella Phenomenon, which Dicesuki has created, is a free-to-play visual novel available for the Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Cinderella Phenomenon is a story-based video game whose primary focus is on romantic connections. The game was launched in 2017. This visual novel offers Text-based content, and it consists of hand-drawn art as well.

The players will be making choices for moving the plot forward, which can result in various endings. Players will be able to take more paths because of romance, and the game has lots of characters, each of which has their personal stories for exploration.

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The primary focus of Cinderella Phenomenon is the main character. The murder of her mother has ruined the life of the princess. Although she attempts to accept a new one, it is quite a bitter experience for her.

Nevertheless, the woman is followed by a bizarre Fairytale Curse. She is thrown into a cherished adventure. Here, you’ll be able to play any number of characters you like, and you can also select from many paths.

Cinderella Phenomenon Game Features

This game is quite attractive. Its backgrounds and characters provide the game with lots of interest. You’ll come across more than 15 backgrounds to help the players and over 15 individual stories for exploration.

Each character comes with its twists and turns. Custom graphics can be unlocked by the players while playing this game as well. This game will keep you engrossed for hours together with over 230,000 words.

cinderella phenomenon characters

The significant features of this game are its romantic paths. It will be possible for you to select five single men with dispositions such as sensitive, brave, or dominant.

Players will be able to select their ending mate utilizing the text. The game will inform them once they make a correct or incorrect selection towards their expected happy ending.

It is essential to consider each decision meticulously since even the small decisions will have consequences. Players will be able to influence their romances with every single click.

Cinderella Phenomenon Main Characters


He is amongst the principal romance-able options in this game, although his stepsister is the main heroine. His curse has made him mute, although he can speak using his doll named Sebby.


He is also one of the main romance-able options in this game. He is compelled to cross-dress because of his curse, and he becomes exceptionally annoyed once any man falls for this and confesses to him.


Waltz is a love interest to Lucette, the main heroine. One can consider Waltz to be the ultimate route for playing within this game. However, his appearance is childish because of his curse, and he is only 22 years of age.


Lucette is the main character that you will be playing in the game Cinderella Phenomenon. It is possible to change her name if you choose. Lucette is Angielle’s crown princess.


This character’s actual name is Chevalier Du Mont, who is amongst the romance options in this game. He is suffering from amnesia because of a curse.

Rumpel is very flirty, and he likes to flatter with any woman he comes across. He is likewise knowledgeable in subjects related to medicine, which is surprisingly profound at times.

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