SpongeBob Future Episode SB-129

SpongeBob episode SB-129 is a first-season episode released on New Year’s Eve 1999, specifically on December 31, 1999. The Future episode is considered one of the best SpongeBob episodes.

SpongeBob Future Episode SB129

In this episode, the day starts pretty well for Squidward. When he is about to play the clarinet, SpongeBob’s alarm sounds. He goes out his window and makes Squidward put the clarinet in his mouth.

SB-129 Video Highlights

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SpongeBob SquarePants asks if he will go jellyfish fishing. Squidward tries to answer him no, but SpongeBob understands it as yes.

After Squidward manages to remove the clarinet from his mouth, SpongeBob and Patrick tease him about finding out if he’s going to fish for jellyfish.

Still, Squidward refuses to go jellyfish fishing and excuses himself by saying that he has to work. Hence, Bob tells him that the Krusty Krab is closed because it is Sunday.

SpongeBob Future SB129

Squidward asks Bob and Patrick to stay where they are and runs out his house’s back door to the Krusty Krab.

He notices SpongeBob and Patrick are looking for him, so he hides in the kitchen.

SpongeBob and Patrick are still looking for him, so Squidward goes into the freezer to avoid being found.

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When SpongeBob and Patrick finally give up the search and leave, Squidward can’t get out of the freezer because the door handle is stuck.

Squidward thinks someone will find him at some point, but this does not happen.

When 2000 years pass, the freezer door falls, and futuristic SpongeBob, SpongeTron, thaws Squidward.

SpongeBob Future SB129 3 SpongeBobs

When Squidward is thawed, he realizes everything is chrome in color, and all living things he sees (excluding fish) are also chrome in color.

SpongeTron introduces his clones X, Y, and Z and tells Squidward that there are 486 SpongeTrons, which means that each SpongeTron represents one letter of the alphabet.

Squidward ends up hating the future, and in that, the two-headed descendant of Patrick appears as Patron, and they let Squidward know there is a time machine. They point him to the left, but on the left, there is only a can opener.

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Later, SpongeTron tells him that the time machine is to the right, and Squidward goes to the past using it.

When he reaches the past, Squidward meets SpongeBob and Patrick’s ancestors, Primitive SpongeBob and Primitive Patrick.

Squidward teaches them how to fish jellyfish, they manage to do it, and they go crazy when Squidward plays the clarinet and runs off to the time machine.

Since Squidward ripped the lever that operates the time machine, the machine sends him to an abstract place where he cannot be found.

sponge tron from the future episode

When he arrives at the time machine, he manages to return to the present.

In the present, he meets again with SpongeBob and Patrick, and they ask him again to go fishing for jellyfish with them.

Since Squidward was the one who invented jellyfish fishing thanks to the time machine, he wants to go back in time again to avoid creating jellyfish fishing.

Future Episode Fun Facts

  • In the beginning, SpongeBob’s House has a window instead of two windows, and it also has an orange door.
  • Due to this episode, there are two Squidwards; the first is frozen in the Krusty Krab. The second is the 2000 years in the future that managed to return to the present with the time machine.
  • This was the first episode of SpongeBob in which time travel was used. The second is “Back to the Past.”
  • In this episode, Squidward says, “I miss Bikino’s Background… I even miss SpongeBob”, which refers to “The Wizard of Oz.”
squidward using a time machine to go to the past

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