Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)

Scrat’s epic pursuit of his elusive acorn catapults him outside of Earth, where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the planet.

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To save themselves from peril, Manny, Sid, Diego, and the rest of the herd leave their home and embark on a quest full of thrills and spills, highs and lows, laughter and adventure while traveling to exotic new lands and encountering a host of colorful new characters.

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Movie Details

  • Release Date: July 22, 2016
  • Director: Michael Thurmeier, Galen T. Chu
  • Run Time: 1h 34min
  • Writers: MIchael J. Wilson, Michael Berg, Yoni Brenner, Aubrey Solomon

Ice Age: Collision Course Cast and Characters

  • Stephanie Beatriz – Gertie
  • Robert Cardone – Freaky Bobby
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson – Neil deBuck Weasel
  • Adam Devine – Julian
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Shanri Llama
  • Max Green field – Roger
  • Jessie J – Brooke
  • Queen Latifah – Ellie
  • Denis Leary – Diego
  • John LEguizamo – Sid
  • Jennifer Lopez – Shira
  • Jorge Lucas – Grandpa Molehog
  • Andrew Christopher Nichols – Andrew Aardvark
  • Nick Offerman – Gavin
  • Keke Palmer – Peaches
  • James Palumbo – Panicked Start
  • Josh Peck – Eddie
  • Simon Pegg – Buck, Pythagorus Buck, Robo Buck
  • Carlos Ponce – Mariachi Beaver
  • Melissa Rauch – Francine
  • Casey M. Roberts – Mitchell Molehog
  • Ray Romano – Manny
  • Seann William Scott – Crash
  • Matthew Simmons – Dale the Antelope
  • Lilly Singh – Misty, Bubbles
  • Michael Strahan – Teddy
  • Wanda Sykes – Granny
  • Randy Thom – Hyrax Minister
  • Meghan Thurmeier – Lily Start
  • Michael Thurmeier – Gravedigger Beaver, Party Molehog
  • Chris Wedge – Scrat

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Ice Age: Collision Course Quotes

Everybody has somebody and all I’ve got is my boyish good looks and this Mariachi band.”
“Here he is. The master of meditation. The supreme sovereign. The Shangri Llama!”
“The mother of all asteroids, screaming towards us. But I got a plan! Who’s with me?”

Ice Age: Collision Course Games & Apps

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Ice Age Adventure App

Scrat’s nutty pursuit of the elusive acorn has had world-changing consequences! After the continents crack apart, Manny, Diego, and the rest of the herd are suddenly FLOATING OUT TO SEA! Left all alone, Sid needs your help to rescue his friends. Download from the Apple app store and Google Play store.

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Ice Age: Collision Course Plot Summary

Scrat is looking for a safe place to keep his acorn during the movie opening. He considered sticking it safely and some ice, but it inadvertently fell through and ended up in an underground cave.

While exploring the cave, Scrat places his acorn on what he thinks is a safe pad, but it turns out to be a flying saucer. The saucer suddenly takes off, and Scrat heads out on an epic journey around the solar system.

As he pinballs from planet to planet, he accidentally sticks the acorn into the side of an asteroid, splitting it and sending it hurtling back to Earth.

Ice Age Collision Course The Herd gathered around

Down on Earth, Manny is playing hockey with his daughter Peaches. They’re using a turtle shell as a puck While Eddie and Crash comment on the game.

Peaches, fiancé Julian, and Ellie join in the game. Manny gets annoyed with Julian because he presents Ellie with some flowers and turns around to give Manny a huge bear hug.

Meanwhile, Sid is practicing his proposal for the love of his life, another sloth called Francine. He invites her to what is known as the romantic area.

Ice Age Collision Course Shira, Diego, Crash, and Eddie

Ready with a clamshell, he proposes to her, but instead of his expected happy ending, she breaks up with him rejecting his offer. Trying to convince her to stay with him, he explains that he’s laid out a plan for their future.

Francine says she wants to start dating others, mainly animals outside of species. Sid then asks her if it is the bikini that he made her mad. Francine tosses the bikini at Sid and storms off as he’s completely unaware that it’s made out of poison ivy.

Manny doesn’t understand why Ellie is acting strange and discusses it with Diego wondering if his wife Shira works in the same manner. Diego laughs, looking at his wife, who’s chasing the gazelle, and explains that he doesn’t have any such issues.

Ice Age Collision Course Francine and Sid

Manny heads off to find Ellie and finds her organizing a massive party with the other animals to celebrate their anniversary, something Manny had utterly forgotten.

Before he gets to address that he forgot his anniversary, fireworks light up the sky. Diego and Shira are busy watching children play and are talking about their children.

As everyone stares at the sky, shards of rock are hitting Earth, watching a meteor hurtling towards Earth. As the meteor shower intensifies, animals are seen running for cover. They all head for a nearby cave to flee the danger.

Ice Age Collision Course The Herd following Buck through the wilderness

While underground, they encounter a family of Dino birds, Gavin and Gertie, and their two children are busy trying to steal a triceratop egg.

They are busy trying to avoid a young weasel who chases after the dyno birds and saves the egg before returning it to a grateful mother.

He comes across a stone pillar during the chase that details an upcoming doomsday event. He takes the pillar to the surface and explains that this event happens every few million years.

Ice Age Collision Course Sid and Brooke

Asteroids head to Earth to help it cleanse itself. He recommends that the herd head to the old crash site to see if they can do anything to save their planet.

While heading towards the crash site, Eddie picks up some magnetic rocks, which they’re far too mindless to understand.

Meanwhile, Buck explains to Weasel how magnetic rocks work and how they are attracted to each other they believe that by successfully using these rocks, they can help keep the Earth safe from the asteroid.

Ice Age Collision Course Diego, Sid, and Shira

In the morning, the herd wakes up to see that one of the members is no longer with them. They hear a female yelling from the area where an asteroid had crashed.

They find Teddy, the helpful bunny giving Granny a massage as they run to the area. They also encounter another sloth named Brooke, who instantly takes a liking to Sid, which he is happy to reciprocate.

These new members, including the Shangri Llama, join the team as Buck discusses using the magnetic crystals and how they can launch them up in the air to prevent the incoming asteroid from destroying the Earth.

Ice Age Collision Course Buck holding a rock with purple gems inside

Meanwhile, Brooke is running to help plug the geysers, which they can use to launch the crystals into the sky and throw the asteroid off its course.

While they’re busy working on the geyser solution, other team members are staring up at the sky to determine precisely when the asteroid will hit the Earth.

They noticed that while the herd of mammals was doing a great job, their timing was off, and if they were not careful, the crystals would launch well before the asteroid reached the Earth.

Ice Age Collision Course Buck talking to the Shangri Llama

The mammals start to work harder, and they push the largest Crystal inside the volcano. They eventually settle on Julian’s suggestion to roll it.

The crystals won’t shoot up to the asteroid until Granny plugs a slight leak with her cane. The crystals rocket toward the asteroid and throw it off course resulting in a resounding celebration from all the animals.

Following the heroic events, the romance between Sid and Brooke doesn’t work out, but they give each other drawings so they can never forget each other’s faces.

Ice Age Collision Course Shangri Llama meditating

Granny decides to stay in place at Utopia. The movie ends with Teddy and Granny relaxing in a hot tub where one of the crystals fortuitously falls into the water, resulting in their becoming young again.

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