Disney Character Names Starting With T

Disney Characters names that start with T

Here is a list of Disney character names that start with the letter T. Do you recognize all of the Disney character names? Do any Disney character names match yours or your friend’s names?

Tadashi Hamada | Big Hero 6

Taffyta Muttonfudge | Wreck-It Ralph

Tagalong Bunny | Robin Hood

Tamatoa | Moana

Tanana | Brother Bear

Tank | An Extremely Goofy Movie

Tank Muddlefoot | Darkwing Duck

Tantor | Tarzan

Tantor’s Mother | Tarzan

Taran | The Black Cauldron

Tarzan | Tarzan

Taurus Bulba | Darkwing Duck

Ted Betterhead | The Country Bears

Terence | Disney Fairies

Terk | Tarzan

Terpsichore | Hercules

Thalia | Hercules

Thomas | Pocahontas

Thomas O’Malley | The Aristocats

Thug | Bolt

Thumper | Bambi

Thumper’s Mother | Bambi

Tiana | The Princess and the Frog

Tibblet-Tibblie “Tibbles” Grimmhammer III | The Owl House

Tiger Lily | Peter Pan

Tigger | Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day

Tillie Tiger | Silly Symphonies

Tilly Green | Big City Greens

Timon | The Lion King

Timon’s Mother | The Lion King 1½

Timothy Q. Mouse | Dumbo

Tina | Chicken Little

Tinker Bell | Peter Pan

Tino Tonitini | The Weekenders

Tiny | Meet the Robinsons

Tiny Nose | The Owl House

Tip | The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Tipo | The Emperor’s New Groove

Tito | Oliver & Company

Toadie | Amphibia

Tobias the Reluctant Dragon | The Reluctant Dragon

Toby the Dog | The Great Mouse Detective

Toby Tortoise | The Tortoise and the Hare

Toby Turtle | Robin Hood

Tod | The Fox and the Hound

Toffee | Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Tom | The Owl House

Tom Lucitor | Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Tootles | Peter Pan

Toots | Bonkers

Toulouse | The Aristocats

Tramp | Lady and the Tramp

Travis | The Princess and the Frog

Trigger the Vulture | Robin Hood

Trusty | Lady and the Tramp

Tug | Brother Bear

Tui | Moana

Turkey Lurkey | Chicken Little

Tuskernini | Darkwing Duck

Tuti | Amphibia

Tweedledum and Tweedledee | Alice in Wonderland

Two Fingers | The Princess and the Frog

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