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10 Memorable Disney Characters That Start With Y

Disney Characters starting with Y




Here is a list of Disney characters that start with Y. This list of names will remind you of your favorite Disney films, heroes, and villains.

One interesting aspect of these characters is the diversity of their names. Discovering Disney characters with names starting with the letter Y is an engaging way to explore the world of Disney while uncovering lesser-known characters and storylines.

Characters that start with the letter Y may not be as well-known as other Disney mainstays, but their unique names and quirks make them stand out within their respective worlds. Some of the most popular Disney character names that start with Y are Yama, Yao, Yax, Yeti, and Yzma. See the full list of Disney Y names below.

Yax and Yeti are two of my favorites who are always good for a laugh or an awkward eye-popping moment. Yzma is also a memorable female villain from The Emperor’s New Groove that is a big part of the film and one of Disney’s best villains.

Disney Characters Y

Disney Characters Starting With Y

Yama | Big Hero 6

Yama in Big Hero 6

Yang | The Pirate Fairy

Yang in The Pirate Fairy

Yao | Mulan / Mulan II

Yao in Mulan

Yar | Dinosaur

Yar in Dinosaur

Yax | Zootopia

Yax in Zootopia

Yelena | Frozen II

Yelena in Frozen 2

Yesss | Ralph Breaks the Internet

Yesss in Ralph Breaks the Internet

Yeti | Monsters Inc. / Monsters University

Yeti in Monsters Inc

Yuni Verse | Wreck-It Ralph

Yuni Verse in Wreck It Ralph

Yzma | The Emperor’s New Groove / Kronk’s New Groove

Yzma in The Emperor's New Groove

Disney Characters That Start With Y Inspire Fans

The letter Y represents a small, yet colorful selection of Disney characters. Each one contributes their unique attributes and charm to the wide array of characters within the Disney canon, enriching the stories and resonating with audiences across generations.

Through this exploration of Disney characters that start with the letter Y, a deeper appreciation for the creativity and diversity present within Disney’s vast collection of personalities is cultivated. Whether protagonists or sidekicks, these captivating characters each hold a special place in Disney’s enchanting universe.

More Disney Characters that start with Y are coming soon as more Disney movies are released. Check back soon to see more of your favorite characters added to our A to Z list of Disney characters. If we missed a name from a Disney movie then let us know by getting in touch via email found on our contact page.

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Disney Characters names that start with Y
Disney characters start with Y
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