Disney Characters That Start With X

Here is a list of Disney character names that start with the letter X. This list of names will remind you of the Disney characters with an X name that you completely forgot about.

Disney Characters starting with X




14 Disney character names start with X from popular shows and movies, not including video games.

Some of the most popular X Disney characters are Xerxes from Aladdin, the sorcerer Mozenrath’s sidekick, and XR, the first robotic space ranger in Star Command. See the list of Disney X names below.

Disney Character with X

More Disney Characters that start with X are coming soon as more Disney movies are released. Check back soon!

Disney Characters Starting With X

Xandra | Legend of the Three Caballeros

Xandra in Three Caballeros

Xandra is the Goddess of Adventure in the Legend of the Three Caballeros. Xandra helps guide Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles, and José Carioca as they travel the world.

Xerxes | Aladdin (TV series)

Xerxes in Aladdin TV series

Xerxes is the loyal floating eel of the sorcerer Mozenrath. He often fumbles his word and misspeaks but always remains by Mozenrath’s side.

XR | Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (TV series)

XR in Buzz Lightyear Star Command

XR is a robot space ranger in the Buzz Lightyear Star Command show. XR was built to be Buzz Lightyear’s sidekick.

XL | Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

XL in Buzz Lightyear Star Command

XL is the older robot brother of XR in the animated series Buzz Lightyear Star Command. XL is often portrayed as the villain and is rebuilt with scrap parts, which is why his armor does not match.

Xavier | Tangled: The Series

Xavier in Tangled Series

Xavier is a blacksmith in the kingdom of Corona, where Rapunzel lives. He is a recurring character in Tangled: The Series and is often sought out for his wisdom and advice.

X-Buggy | Lilo & Stitch: The Series

X-Buggy in Lilo and Stitch The Series

X-Buggy is a red-colored dune buggy that Lilo & Stitch are often shown riding around town in.

Xyla | Doc McStuffins

Xyla in Doc McStuffins

Xyla is a toy ladybug xylophone with wheels. Children often pull Xyla around with her string and play music with the xylophone on her back.

X-Ray | The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Avengers Assemble

X-Ray in Marvel Animation

X-Ray is a member of the U-Foes in the Marvel animated franchisee. Due to radiation, he glows purple and has been permanently transformed into a living energy field.

Xavier Johnson | Phineas and Ferb

Xavier in Phineas and Ferb

Xavier is often seen with Fred, who likes to sit by the big tree in their backyard. When Xavier meets a young version of Phineas and Ferb, he gets the opportunity to show how really smart he is.

Xanatos, David | Gargoyles

Xanatos in Gargoyles

David Xanatos is the CEO of Xanatos Enterprises. He sold an ancient coin to get funding for his new company, which his father disapproved of.

Xanatos, Alex | Gargoyles

Alex Xanatos in Gargoyles

Alex Xanatos is the son of David and Fox and was named after Alexander the Great. Alex grew up fast and dressed as a Gargoyle for his first Halloween.

Xanatos, Fox | Gargoyles

Fox Xanatos in Gargoyles

Fox Xanatos is married to David and a mother to Alex. She considered herself the leader of The Pack until David revealed to her that he was the unspoken leader. Unlike her husband, David, she refused her family’s inheritance.

Xanatos, Petros | Gargoyles

Petros Xanatos in Gargoyles

Petros Xanatos is David’s father and Alex’s great-grandfather. Petros set aside his disagreements with David to be present at Alex’s birth.

Xerek | The Incredibles (deleted character)

Xerek deleted from The Incredibles

Xerek is a deleted villain from The Incredibles. Xerek was originally chosen as the main villain but was later replaced by Syndrome.

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