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Oh, a lovable misfit from a distant planet lands on Earth and finds himself on the run from his own kind. Oh, forms an unlikely friendship with an adventurous girl named Tip. Oh, and Tip realizes that being different and making mistakes is all a part of being human.

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Home is a space adventure that comes to Earth. This film may entertain you for a while but could end up abducting your valuable time.

Home Movie Details

  • Release Date: March 27, 2015
  • Runt Time: 1h 34min
  • Director: Tim Johnson
  • Writers: Tom J. Astle, Matt Ember, Adam Rex

Home Cast & Characters

  • Jim Parsons – Oh
  • Rihanna – Tip
  • Steve Martin – Captain Smek
  • Jennifer Lopez – Lucy Tucci
  • Matt Jones – Kyle
  • Brian Stepanek – Gorg Commander, Father, Boov
  • April Lawrence – Boov Announcer


Home Verdict

Home is a creative animated movie that will have you cheering for the little guy and also conflicted about how the humans are being treated at the same time. In the end, everyone wins and we learn things are not always as they appear.

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Home Quotes

When the other Boov’s said, “Oh!” I knew they were not happy to see me. The truth is that among the Boov, I do not fit in – I fit out.
Today is the best day ever! Why. Answer: Moving day. For who? Answer: The Boov. Who are the Boov? Answer: Best species ever at running away.

Home Box Office

Opening weekend in the U.S. Home brought in an estimated $52,107,731. The movie budget is estimated to have been around $135 million. Home brought in a worldwide gross total at the box office of $386,041,607.

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Home Review

Opening – DreamWorks Animation introduces Home their newest animated movie and tops the box office opening weekend! Although the Boov topped the box office this weekend it’s fair to say the critic smashed animation film isn’t expected to top Furious 7 debuting next weekend.

Home 2015 movie poster

Story and DirectionHome is a wholesome movie built on a foundation of good intentions. Its heartwarming message is well received as the lead characters Oh and Tip learn that it’s okay to be different, make mistakes, and family is most important above all! However, that’s about where all the love and accolades come to a streaking halt.

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We are first introduced to the Boov, a colony of cute little aliens who are fleeing from their enemy the Gorg. The story then quickly jerks you into high gear and in just a few minutes the Boov are taking over planet Earth, relocating the humans, and taking over their homes.

The story then slows down a bit as we are introduced to Tip, a bright young girl who eluded capture and is committed to reuniting with her mother. At this point in the film, the story is moving along at a comfortable pace and the direction of the movie is clear.

Home The Boov

Not too much further along in the story it looks as if Oh and Tip will easily succeed and accomplish their goals. Then as if the writers needed to extend the movie another 40 minutes they introduced a whole new set of objectives for Oh and Tip. The transition was rocky at best but it did come full circle and connected back to the beginning of the story eventually.

Characters  The Boov are an interesting set of characters. They almost look like the aliens from Toy Story. Unfortunately they pretty much all look the same. DreamWorks Home makes up for their lack of Boov character creativity by empowering them with a unique ability to show their feelings and emotions. As the Boov experience different emotions, they change color. For example, when they tell a lie they turn green or when they are angry they turn red. This helps translate their genuine feelings despite what they might say.

Home Oh with a cat on his head

Animation Home has a unique rounded look to their characters and the animation feel and design are consistent with all the structures and transportation. At times the animation of characters added humor to the story like the Boov dance moves. The Gorg enemy also was a sharp contrast with sharp lines and angles from the character to the mother ship.

However, at one point the Gorg enemy reveals its true self which is a bit weird and over the top. As strange as this scene was this did show how the Gorg was seemingly edgy and sharp from an outward appearance but actually soft and tender at the core.

Home Captain Smek

Soundtrack  During the film there are some great songs by Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna, which you can find on the Home soundtrack on iTunes. At times the music felt unrelated to the mood of the movie and the songs in the film were hit and miss. I have no idea why they through in a techno song for example. It just didn’t seem to fit at all. 

Closing Home is a younger audience film with an enjoyable and positive overall message! Beyond the wholesome message, the storyline jerks you around and appears to be two separate stories, the first half and a second-half unwillingly shoved into one another to become one bigger story. The animation is acceptable but didn’t appear to push the limits and the voice acting seems out of place at times, which can be distracting.

Home Oh and Tip standing by their car

If you plan on seeing Home in theaters then set your expectations accordingly but I’d recommend waiting to rent this one on video.

Home top movie star voices are Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Jones, Brian Stepanek, April Lawrence, Stephen Kearin, April Winchell, and more. Featured Animation ranks this movie a 2 on a scale from 1 to 5.

Home Plot Summary (Spoilers)

Home is another animated feature from Dreamworks, the team that created The Croods. The movie boasts two female performers’ vocal talents at the top of their game, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna.

Also providing vocal talents is the comic genius of Steve Martin. An enormous budget of $135M would generate $52M on its opening weekend, although it would only achieve a moderate amount of global revenue, $386M.

Home Oh and Tip flying in her car

But with the quality animation, humorous dialogue, and lively soundtrack, it’s an enjoyable film for all the family.

Home begins by introducing us to The Boov, an alien race running away from their enemy, The Gorg. Led by Captain Smek, they fly across space until they arrive at Earth and decide to settle there.

In a “friendly” invasion, they move humans out of their homes and relocate them elsewhere while The Boov move in.

Home Tip

One of The Boov is called, Oh, and he is a bit more extroverted than the others. Getting into many scrapes due to the mistakes he commits, which is where he gets his name.

The first thing The Boov says when he shows up anywhere – “Oh!”. When he invites all of The Boov to his housewarming party, no one shows up, which leaves him feeling very lonely.

Not far from where Oh now lives is Tip, who used to stay with her mother, Lucy, until they separated after the invasion. A hatred has fueled inside of her for the invaders. When one of ‘The Boov’ enters her house, she decides she must search for her mother. She takes her pet cat, Pig, and gets in her car to drive away.

Home Tip and Oh flying in her car

Oh runs into the street to try to invite more to his party. He sends an invite to everyone, but mistakenly this message gets sent throughout the galaxy.

The Boov are scared The Gorg will receive this message and angry with Oh they declare him a fugitive. Oh manages to escape capture and runs into a convenience store to grab provisions and bumps into Tip.

Frightened, she pushes him into a freezer and locks him inside. But when her car doesn’t start, Oh says he can fix it. He tells her that he will help her find her mother if he can come with her, and Tip agrees.

Oh, turns the car into a hovercar powered by “slushies,” They fly off and head for Paris, where the Boov High Command is and where Oh can locate Lucy.

Smek is desperate to stop the invitation from reaching The Gorg and summons all the smartest of The Boov to devise a plan. They decide to try to delete the message before it reaches them but they can’t break through Oh’s email password as it’s different from everyone elses. Smek instructs Kyle to find Oh and arrest him.

When Tip and Oh, stop at a gas station, they are found by Kyle, and Oh tries to escape and leave Tip. She knocks boxes over Kyle while pushing Oh to the passenger seat and flying off over the ocean.

Tip introduces Oh to music on their trip, which gets him so enervated that he jumps into the ocean to cool down. For the remainder of the trip, they decide to help each other and become friends.

When they reach Paris, they discover that the Boov High Command is located in the Eiffel Tower, floating in the sky. Before The Boov can access Oh’s email, he gets in and deletes the message before it reaches The Gorg.

Then, by tapping Tip’s brain into the system, he discovers that her mother is in Australia and trying to locate her daughter. Tip is delighted and hugs Oh, but they leave in a hurry as The Boov tries to erase Oh.

In their escape, Oh disrupts the High Command gravity mechanism, which makes the Eiffel Tower flip over. They jump in the car and head for Australia.

On the way, they are chased by a Gorg ship which they manage to knock out of the sky, but this causes them to lose their “slushie” fuel. Oh thinks he can use the technology from the ship to power their car. He recovers a chip from the Gorg ship.

When they arrive in Australia, they find that The Boov are evacuating into their mothership to evade The Gorg. Oh, heads for the ship as well and tries to pull Tip that way too.

He tells her that her mother is on the ship, but Tip knows he’s lying. She breaks free and gets very angry as she feels he’s broken his promise to help her once again. She claims they were never friends, which makes Oh very sad, and he enters the mothership.

As The Boov flee, The Gorg are gaining on them and they are all afraid. But Oh pulls out the Gorg chip and uses it to propel their ship faster and evade The Gorg.

Everyone is astonished by Oh’s plan, but Smek is jealous and reminds everyone he is in charge. Though Oh defies him and says, he is horrible as he has lied to everybody about the humans. Smek orders Kyle to erase Oh, but he defends him instead.

Then he grabs Smek’s scepter and gives it to Oh, saying he should be in command. Though at first, he is uncertain, he knows what he must do.

Tip is trying to find her mother everywhere but to no avail, and no one can seem to help her. In the end, she sits in a corner and starts to cry. It’s then that Oh reappears and tries to help her find Lucy.

When they finally find her, mother and daughter are reunited, and both thank Oh for his help.

The Gorg mothership descends to the Earth, and Oh realizes what they are after. It’s the rock from “Shusher” that they want as it belongs to them initially and stolen by Smek.

He locks up Tip and Lucy in the car then runs towards the ship, trying to get their attention by holding the rock up. Tip breaks out of the car and shines a light into The Gorg’s face, which attracts his attention.

The mothership comes to a halt and heads towards the ground, directly where Oh is. Tip tries to save him, but the ship seems to land on top of him. Then the ship pulls back, and Oh is seen to be safe and sound. Tip and Lucy hug him.

The Gorg steps out of the mothership, and Oh gives him the rock. The being emerges from the Gorg armor, and it’s only a harmless creature in the shape of a starfish.

The rock holds the next generation of The Gorg, and the being is the last of its kind. The Gorg thanks Oh and returns to its ship and flies away. Oh becomes a hero to both The Boov and the humans.

Finally, there is a big party at Oh’s house with Boov and humans attending while ships arrive from all over space to join them.

Home Soundtrack

Home soundtrack album cover
  1. Toward the Sun – Rihanna
  2. Run To Me – Clarence Coffee Jr.
  3. Cannonball – Kiesza
  4. As Real As You and Me – Rihanna
  5. Red Balloon – Charli XCX
  6. Dancing In the Dark – Rihanna
  7. Drop That – Jacob Plant
  8. Feel the Light – Jennifer Lopez