Radiant Seth Background and Personality

Seth is the main character in the Radiant series. He is also named the Horned Boy mainly due to an infection he suffers and Jean Pedrovitch, a charismatic name given by Master Lord Majesty.

Radiant Seth

He’s determined to hunt down his Nemesis, mainly those opposing sorcery. His primary interest is to have a free World where sorcerers aren’t mistreated due to their beliefs and practices. These beliefs motivate him to destroy his Nemesis foundations.

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Radiant Seth’s Appearance

Although Seth has a slim athletic body, he’s strong with an average height considering his age. His pointed brown hair is not only unkempt but also tousled.

As a young sorcerer, he has two long white horns from the messy bush of hair, which designates him as the existing infected person and his sorcery powers.

Typically, his favorite orange tank top is veiled by a white and – dark blue decorated sleeveless jacket. Besides, his feet are in partially unzipped boots, not forgetting his Azure Bermuda shorts.

Radiant Seth close up

His fingers are in brown fingerless gloves made of rare bird feathers, but these feathers’ purpose is to fool people that he requires feathered gloves to perform Fantasia.

The bandages underneath the gloves are to make them fit well so that no one realizes they are gloves, not the real hands. Additionally, there is a bandage mark on his right cheek, which also serves as a sealing item, helping maintain his magical potential.

Radiant Seth’s Personality Traits

Seth’s reckless nature is his best character. He’s considered an average bright individual who lacks conventional acumen—his limited upbringing results in an ignorant boy who dislikes the present’s basic facts.

For instance, while performing his Manfra, he fails to distinguish a cow from the Nemesis, and after launching an attack, it results in a stampede.

Radiant Seth in action

Also, in Radiant anime, Seth seems to be lacking some basic concepts about the surrounding world to the degree of being clueless about the nature of the Inquisition.

Seth is not only immature and childish but also goofy. After being deceived into believing several foolish things, he also demonstrates he is prone to cracking jokes during aggressive combat sessions.

For instance, in the Pompo Hills, during a hostile battle with the Golm Nemesis, Radiant Seth is excited by a stupid joke after smashing Nemesis’s head into a crazy shape.

He takes his childish ways one step further when he cuts Konrad’s mustache during an encounter at the Rumble Town, and he puts on the mustache himself, mocking the Interrogation Captain.

His immature behavior becomes a great source of hatred for Doc and Alma. However, they both find themselves loving the childish mindset and wonders of Radiant anime Seth.

The poor upbringing and persecution Seth encountered as a child significantly harmed his growth and development.

For instance, he initially considered using his sorcery to deal with all humans who disagreed with him. However, he resisted the temptation to become the monster that many people thought he was.

He seems to be struggling to get acceptance from the Pompo Hills population even though his immature actions conflict with the people he’s supposed to befriend.

His strong sense of fairness makes him sympathize with anyone he meets, even those who previously persecuted him.

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